TDL Genetics is a consultant-led service situated in TDL’s main facility in central London.   Our Genetics division provides extensive expertise in the testing, diagnosis and genetic counselling of inherited disorders.  Genetic tests are performed on DNA for molecular genetic analysis and on whole chromosomes for cytogenetic analysis. 

Pharmacogenetics can provide vital data when selecting volunteers for trial recruitment to identify the variation in genes involved in drug metabolism with particular emphasis on improving drug safety and efficacy. Identifying the genetic variants that contribute to the pathogenesis of common diseases and variation in the therapeutic response to drugs is an important goal of biomedical research.  Genetic testing can be complex and tests can vary in their ability to detect mutations or to identify subjects who have, or will develop disease. 

 Specific tests can be linked with assays from other TDL disciplines, such as biochemistry and haematology, to provide a comprehensive overview when screening volunteers for trial eligibility.  Specialised testing such as CYP450 for Genotyping is available which aims to find the specific gene types (a genotype) of the patient that will determine how the volunteer metabolises medicines and for best effectiveness and least side effects.