Specimen Collection/Courier Services

TDL Trials offers clients the option of bespoke courier logistics as part of the study service component.  We ensure any proposed shipping services  provide clients with the option of supplies to ensure specimen integrity within shipping regulations. Depending on budgets and courier capabilities, TDL Trials will assist with the selection process based on our knowledge and expertise. Our service partners are qualified to handle temperature controlled shipments and provide validated packaging.

TDL Collect operates its own dedicated and extensive courier network to ensure rapid and convenient sample collections throughout the world. Shipments can also be booked securely on-line at www.tdlpathology.com 

TDL Postal Pathology provides a cost effective solution and is particularly suited for small single centre studies, patient monitoring and epidemiological studies.

All Third-party companies are carefully selected by TDL based on their expertise in areas of biopharm logistics and services governed by IATA, ICAO, DfT and ADR regulations for transporting clinical specimens.